Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai serial 11th April 2023 Written Episode : Tiwari inaugurates store

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai serial 11th April 2023

In this article we are discourses about the serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhu was waiting with Tillu and Teeka for his job interview. Tillu and Teeka told him that he had been rejected from so many places and asked him how many more places he wanted to be thrown out of. Vibhu told them to shut up as he needed the job. They argued with him, but just then Tiwari walked out. Vibhu greeted him, and Tiwari apologized for keeping him waiting. Vibhu said he was overwhelmed to see Tiwari giving him respect. Tiwari asked Vibhu how he could help him, and Vibhu said he was there for a job. Tiwari hugged him and said sure, sure. Vibhu asked what work he could do, and Tiwari said he saw a partner in him. Vibhu said he was just an employee, but Tiwari said they were all equal and treated the shop as their baby. Vibhu promised to take care of it. Tiwari told him to start by keeping the shop clean and offered him a salary of 35,000. Vibhu said that was too much and that his market value was 25,000. Tiwari was impressed and asked Tillu and Teeka to learn from Vibhu. Angoori then congratulated Vibhu, and he went to tell Anu the news.

Anu asked Vibhu if he was excited, but he looked upset. David asked what his role was, and Vibhu said he was a cleaner. Anu said no work was big or small. Vibhu said he was surprised by Tiwari’s behavior and that he was so nice to him. Anu said Tiwari was a nice man who respected everyone. Vibhu told them that Tiwari had offered him a salary of 35,000, but he accepted 25,000. Anu said she was happy he had a job now and that Tiwari would do the household work.

At the shop inauguration, Tiwari asked Anu to cut the ribbon and Angoori to break the coconut. Tiwari said the shop’s success was their success, and Masterji said it would save time as it was so crowded. David asked if Tiwari would sell alcohol, but Tiwari said he wouldn’t. Vibhu then gave a speech and promised to work hard and serve them all. Angoori told Vibhu she was proud of him. Tiwari then offered discounts on all products, and Anu said he was smart.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai serial 11th April 2023 Written Episode updated

In the police station, the Commissioner felicitated Anu for being an inspiration to women. Tillu and Teeka said they always supported her in fighting injustice. Anu said women were important and brought happiness. The Commissioner asked Tillu and Teeka to distribute posters and run campaigns for Anu. Anu thanked the Commissioner for supporting her women empowerment campaign and said she wouldn’t be partial towards her family and would treat everyone equally.

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